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Matter and Form

The Matter and Form team developed its first 3D scanner with the goal to empower creativity through access to 3D scanning technology previously out of reach for most.

Matter and Form unites 21st century classrooms with the technology required to make project-based learning a reality across the curriculum.

We believe that no subject is taught in a vacuum. From writing essays to reducing fractions, all academic content can be taught in the context of solving problems.

Properly executed project-based learning (PBL) is a valuable instructional method that gives ownership, meaning, and a deep connection to core academic concepts to students. PBL is possible in every classroom with the right tools and support. We see ourselves as partners with the teachers and administrators that want to bring more project-based learning to their schools.


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Copernicus Educational Products

Copernicus Educational Products is a leading North American designer and manufacturer of innovative technology based classroom solutions.

We design and build from sound foundations; ensuring that mobility, functionality and affordability are evident in all we do.

Our products are developed and tested with teachers in real classroom environments, to ensure that they have real purpose in the real world. It is that simple.

Copernicus is increasingly focused on the impact we have on the environment, our employees and the access that school children have to nature. Being a member of B Corp™ shows us the path that could be taken to build out our beliefs into something special and at the heart of everything we do.